Anthony Stratton

Accelerate your growth with help from an Expert Performance Marketer.

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I currently have (2) freelance/consulting slots available

Hey there, I'm Anthony!If you need someone to provide:
✔    Performance Marketing experience
✔    Proactive strategic direction
✔    Creative expertise
✔    An ultimately excellent ROI
... all in a complete done-for-you service, book a call with me now.I work with businesses like yours to help you hit your profit & revenue goals.This can be achieved by making optimisations across these 3 stages in your online ecosystem:
1.    Your customer acquisition (ads!)
2.    Your customer conversion (website!)
3.    Your customer retention (email, SMS!)
►    Trained by Head Of Marketing @ King (Candy Crush, 1B+ downloads)
►    5 years Senior Marketing Manager @ top Performance Marketing agency in London
►    Currently Head Of Marketing @ one of London's highest growth startups, with a board worth ~$600M
I currently have (2) freelance/consulting slots available - hit the green button to schedule a call!

🛠 MY SERVICES:-    Product, offer, campaign strategy
-    Facebook & Instagram ads
-    Google & YouTube ads
-    Pinterest ads
-    TikTok ads
-    Snapchat ads
-    LinkedIn ads
-    Presell landing page optimisation
-    Website conversion rate optimisation
-    Email & SMS flows & campaigns
-    Copywriting & creative production
-    Multitouch attribution, marketing mix modelling

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